Sell my car - FOR FREE

Listing you car for sale with us is quick and easy. There a just 4 simple steps, and in most cases it will take less than 5-10 minutes to create your Ad. Before you begin however you will require the following information to complete your Ad, in order for us to promote your vehicle to potential buyers - the first two can be found on your rego papers:
  1. Vehicle Make & Model
  2. Vehicle REGO number & expiry, or VIN number
  3. Odometer Reading (in kilometers)
  4. Price you would like to sell for
  5. Digital Photos of your vehicle
  6. Short Description
  7. List of non-standard features included with the vehicle (this is optional and can include things like After-market Alloy Wheels, MP3 Car Radio, Tinted Windows, etc..)

1 Select Make & Model

You can find these on your REGO papers.

2 Enter vehicle details

This includes the price of the vehicle, the REGO or VIN details and a description of your vehicle.

3 Upload Photos

Select digital photos stored on your PC or use our mobile site to easily load photos from your mobile device.

4 Publish

Once you are happy with you Ad you can publish it live. You can save at any step and come back later if required.